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ABRSM 2019 Piano Practical Exam Results

6 Distinctions
16 Merits
Heartiest Congratulations!

ABRSM 2018 Piano Practical Exam Results

18- Distinction
9 – Merit
4 – Pass
3 – Absent
Congratulations to all students and all high Achievers!
Once again we have the highest number of Distinction and Merit holders in entire North India.

Akansha Sharma ABRSM Grade 1 Music Theory exam 2017 – Distinction Marks 97%

Vibbhu Sharma Distinction Grade 5 Theory Exams , Marks 94%

ABRSM 2017. Piano Practical Results-

Amazing results by my students…out of 27 students appearing for 2017 ABRSM London Piano exams…each one have got a either a Distinction or a Merit!
11 Distinctions, 10 Merits, 4 (PRE)prep tests , 2 absent.
I am so proud of all of you.. congratulations