Students Video Gallery

Your gateway to the wonderful world of piano

Vibbhu Sharma my grade 6 student plays Bach’s Pastorella

Dasha Chelukanova my grade 4 student improvises on her own composition…..proud of her..

Devika Mittal my grade 6 student plays a Yanni piece Devika playing a Yanni piece….she started learning piano under me and continuing since last four years. Devika is a sensitive and a gifted pianist.Her determination to gain mastery over the piano is evident…#pianostudio

Dinesh started learning piano under me when he was just a child. He is a final year student of Physics in St.Stephens college,Delhi. Dinesh loves to play Yanni and he loves to talk about quantum physics..

“River flows in you”-played by my student

“Would you” composed by my student Vibbhy Sharma

Piano classes can be fun too..Tarini and Diya my students singing after the class is over.