Online Piano Lessons

Your gateway to the wonderful world of piano

Saumitra Chatterjee is now conducting online lessons for Piano and Theory.

If you cannot make it for the regular in-person classes, online lessons offer some great advantages. There is also an option now that would combine in-person learning with online piano lessons.

Advantages of learning piano online

Learn from a real teacher not an app.You may also opt for one to one online class or combine it with regular in person classes

You don’t have to travel to learn. So you have much more flexibility in terms of adjusting your schedule.

By taking online lessons with an in-person teacher, you will receive real-time response, which means the teacher will give you immediate feedback, answer any questions and correct your mistakes immediately.Special instructional videos are also made and sent to the students for clarifications.

You can also opt for appearing for piano exams conducted by world renowned ABRSM ,(Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music), London.

Online lessons available in:
Piano Tuition (Grade 1 to Grade 8/Diploma)
Music Theory
Aural training
Exam Preparation

Also available special online courses for Adults (without exam preparation)

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